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Mirror, Mirror - Yongguk (Rated)


I cannot thank everyone enough for the onslaught of support I’ve gotten of the past week and a half. I’m sorry I haven’t responded to anything yet. Everything’s been such a roller coaster that I can barely catch a break. On the bright side, I’m not quite sure what hit me, but I finally found inspiration to finish the next request. (Ironically, I fainted in a Barnes and Noble yesterday and hit my head (super embarrassing ngl but I’m totally fine don’t worry) and then today, voila! Writing’s back!) I hope everyone enjoys it and I should be responding to the messages in my inbox tomorrow night!! Hugs and kisses to all of you - every single one of you means so, so much to me!!


           “You don’t have to help clean up,” Yongguk says hurriedly, rushing to take the mats from you. You just laugh, leaning backwards enough to stop him. “Seriously, I’m the instructor, it’s my job to clean up afterwards.”

            “I’m happy to help,” you argue. You’re already moving towards the stack of mats on the wall. “Besides, you work so hard during class.”

           Yongguk laughs, his cheeks flushing darker than they already are. “You’re sweating more though,” he teases, keeping his tone light. You gasp in mock offense as you set the mats down on top of the stack.

            “Well, it’s your fault for making me this sweaty,” you shoot back. Yongguk freezes for a second before giving you a look and it takes you a second before you understand.

            “You’re terrible,” you laugh loudly, shoving his shoulder in jest as you walk past him to grab your bag.

            “You said it,” he grins, raising his hands in feigned innocence.

            “And you turned it perverted,” you retort. “I’m going to go shower. Have a good night, Yongguk sunbaenim.”

            “Good night, _______-ah,” he bows. You return the gesture, heading quickly for the door that leads to the locker rooms. Yongguk may have been joking but he was right – you were disgustingly sweaty. He had put you through too good of a workout and though your muscles were sore, you were more concerned with how gross your skin felt.

            Steaming hot water feels like a godsend as it runs over your sore shoulders and you let out a loud moan as you slump forward, letting the heat ease the tension in your muscles. You shower quickly, using the shampoo provided to clean the grime from your hair and your own soap to wipe away the feeling of stickiness from your workout. You had been taking Yongguk’s CrossFit class months ago, drawn by his face – and arms – and stayed for the crazy way he had whipped you into shape in a number of weeks. His body was a sort of cherry on top and you had to admit that you couldn’t help eying him a number of classes. Especially the times he gifted the class with the sight of him in loose gray sweatpants.

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